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Who is this Däv guy?

Yes, it's pronounced just like Dave ... 

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Däv The Voice Mercenary! Professional Voice Actor - Voiceover Artist, Professional Musician - Vocalist/Singer and Guitarist.

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario Canada, the youngest of a musically talented family, yet the only one to pursue a career in entertainment.  I attended college for Sound Engineering and Music Production.  The facilitator of Music Production course, hired me to play guitar and sing backups on demos for Marianne Faithful. 

One day in a Toronto studio while playing guitar and singing backup on a couple of Marianne's demos, I was asked to go over to studio B to read some scripts for a couple commercials.  Apparently, the voice actor they booked for the commercials called in sick and couldn't make the gig.  Long story short, I subbed in for the sick voiceover artist, they hired me and I did the voiceovers for two radio commercials!  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  I think they paid me a few hundred bucks, which at that time, I thought was amazing.  Although I was only focused on music and didn't think​ much more of being a Voice Actor.  Hey, it was the 80's, I was young and the music world was exploding on Much Music and MTV.

After college, during the day I worked in music and record stores. Nights and weekends I performed in cover bands around the Greater Toronto Area trying to work my way up and deeper into the industry.  That's when Rik Emmett, the world renowned guitarist for Triumph, one of Canada's internationally acclaimed rock bands, hired me to be his guitar technician, stage manager and personal assistant / Guy-Friday.  On days off, I freelanced as a FOH and monitor sound tech, touring extensively across Canada and the USA.  When not on the road, I was the studio manager and in-house sound technician at R & R Studios in Mississauga, the private recording studio I helped Rik Emmett design and build for himself after he left Triumph. 

Then I Took A Detour! 

It was amazing, being on real tours, traveling across Canada and the USA.  Weeks, turned into months and then years - night after night in different cities, performances in soft seat theaters, stadiums and arenas was hectic at times.  Living out of a bag, sleeping in hotels, airplanes and tour buses and eating road food, all  caught up to me and I had to take a break from the "biz".  The break turned into a "few" years. My alter-ego "Clark Kent" business-minded mild-mannered dude stepped up, reared his ugly suburban head and got a "real job"- I've always hated that term. 

I held corporate jobs in marketing, purchasing, supply chain management and BI analytics.  Then I became Mr Mom, a single parent and Dance Dad extraordinaire to my two beautiful girls! I left the corporate world to focus on my daughters, to be present for them, anytime day or night. I started a consulting business, focused on Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics and designed BI Analytic dashboards. 

This was mind-numbing, dry and boring. I needed to get back to my roots, release my creativity and make some "noise" again!  I gravitated back into the music and the entertainment world.  I began performing solo acoustically and also formed Däv and Cräsh Monkey Mob, my band when I needed backup.  I also freelanced as a live sound tech for national and regional musicians, bands, festivals and corporate events. Always close to home, to be there for my girls. Best of all, I was able to sleep every night in my own bed! 

With 40 years as a professional musician and sound tech, I know and understand the importance of a flawless performance - being in character and staying in character. Thus my evolution in the world of Voice Acting doing Voiceovers started.  A natural progression and to be honest, a secret life-long aspiration.  In 2015 I began designing and building my studio, broadcast quality and home based. I started taking voice acting classes, voiceover coaching, attended live voice coaching webinars, presentations and seminars wherever I could find them. In January of 2016, I opened the Däv Cäv Studio and officially launched myself in the the Voice Actor and Voiceover business.   

Don't Box Me In

My voice is described as ageless, naturally warm, deep and smooth. I can change it up adding, accents and gravitas - that sexy whiskey raspiness.  Don't pigeon hole me into a specific age - I have range! My  natural accent is Neutral North American / Midwest accent - NO Canadian "eh" or ah-boot - unless it's the character!

A great deal of the voice work I do are for clients world-wide.  From Explainers, eLearning, Commercials for various usages from Radio and TV, to web content for brand names in various industries and genres.  My first Video Game gig was voicing five characters who are Transformer-type Robots and humanoids.  Currently I'm cast for 3 characters in the upcoming animation "Sonya From Toastville" and I have a good idea they've booked for multiple episodes

I have been cast as the voice in various roles from Transformer-type Robot Humanoid to Radio and Sports Announcers, Announcer for Corporate Award Ceremonies, regular Dad, Guy-Next-Door, Hypnotist, late night Lawyers and Doctors selling their wares to Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, Stone Cold Villains and yes ... the Voice of God! 

My voice is ageless, my delivery is authentic, believable, trustworthy, confident and on point.  Whatever mood and tone you want, I will deliver your script exactly as you want it to be - authoritative, scared, angry, frightened, perplexed, silly, comedic, serious, monotone, aged and anything in between!

I believe in building relationships with clients to ensure each voiceover is exactly what they're looking for.  It's important for me to get to know and understand their project, business, their products and the services they provide, as this helps me convey a believable performance.

Please feel free to contact me, click on my Contact Page, fill out the form and then we can discuss your project in detail. I will do a free sample read of your script and provide you with a quote. 

Let me be the voice of your next project!

All the best, 

Däv (Dave)

ps ... here's a lil' Däv and Cräsh Monkey Mob... 

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